WordPress – When to use a Theme.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most used website building platforms. It is a content management system where one can build his/her website using preset themes and page layouts to manage their content with ease. It is a great tool that helps you build a website without the hassle of learning any programming languages.

Although there are a few advantages to using WordPress. There are some notable disadvantages to it as well. We’ve listed down some pointers that you would find helpful when using WordPress Themes.

Website Becomes Heavy

The themes of WordPress are a great choice to build websites when you don’t have any experience in building a website from scratch. However, these preset themes come with a big baggage of code. Which in turn, adds to the amount of code that is used to perform various functions and tasks on a website. And because of the large amount of data that is already present on the website. There is a high chance that the website’s functions will falter.


Most themes of WordPress are generally built around other functions for the consistency of the webpage. Where sometimes, certain functions might seem unnecessary. So when you do want to get rid of these unnecessary elements and start to break them down, the website tends to fall apart as well. This is because of the way the elements are linked with each other. Thus making it difficult to pull them apart to customize the website.


One of the biggest threats to using popular themes from WordPress is that they are vulnerable to cyber hackers and attackers. Because of the excessive use of similar themes by a majority of the world, attackers have a better chance of taking down a large number of websites by hampering with just a few elements in a particular theme. For this reason, it is better to pick a theme that is unique or create a theme yourself .

They All Look The Same

In choosing a theme or layout from a popular service provider like WordPress. Your website is most likely going to end up looking like countless other websites that use a similar theme, leading to familiarity. And as the wise saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. The website will in no time deprive itself of its value and uniqueness along with its brand.

Although the disadvantages of using WordPress themes seem grim, there are advantages to it as well. Here are a few:

Last-Minute fiasco!

WordPress is a great tool for a last-minute project. With the help of its various plug and play features, all you need is your content handy and you are good to go. With its seamless user-friendly interface, making a website for a school project or a written journal or any fond hobby is a cakewalk. And when duty calls for any urgent website requests, you will find WordPress as a lifesaver.


WordPress becomes the closest companion to many web designers and small businesses when clients come with thin budgets. It is difficult to build a custom website when the budget becomes a constraint. And so web designers go to use the tools and themes of WordPress to build them a decent looking functional website that does the job.

Requirements Met To Perfection

One of the rarest instances of a WordPress theme becoming the go-to place is when it meets the needs of the exact required features to perfection. It is quite difficult to find a theme on WordPress that meets your needs to the T. But when it does happen, nothing else can beat WordPress at being the best website building platform.