supercode is a Website design and development agency based in Bangalore, creating amazing websites for the last 10 years!


Our Expertise

Designing and developing digital experiences

With a grit to constantly learn, our team’s expertise goes to all lengths when it comes to understanding frameworks. With thorough knowledge about the technologies like WordPress, MySql, React, Javscript and whatnot, we are sure to deliver the latest cutting edge technologies for your business needs.

Latest Project offers live streaming services in Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Streamcast website development

E-commerce Development

Creating a seamless user journey will help maximise ecommerce conversions and deliver an experience that customers find rewarding. We believe in developing a user experience that excites customers.

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With over 10 years of experience in using WordPress, we call ourselves champions in the field. Our expertise goes to all lengths in understanding the content management system and its usage for various business needs.

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UI Design


It is impossible to produce an exceptional design without a strong knowledge of UI and UX. Our expert team will help you deliver more value to your users and achieve your business objectives.

Mobile App UI Design

Building successful apps is more than just development. The experience of using a Mobile app would also depend on how well the UI of the app is designed. It requires good design expertise to deliver a product that is ready for the market.