Supercode - Web Design and Development
Hey there! We are Supercode.

We are a team of like-minded enthusiasts specialising in website design and development for over 13 years. We create custom websites that are scalable and help businesses to keep up with the pace of technological changes while meeting the ever-evolving demands of their billions of users worldwide.

What we do

We collaborate with businesses and use our seasoned expertise in design and development to create web experiences that transform industries.

Our clientele

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Mask Group

Success Stories

Re-imagining education with Vaani.

Vaani joined hands with Supercode to bring innovations to reality. Along with quality learning, the union ensured technology-propelled outputs with space for creative freedom.

A Golden Glint and a Bronze Sparkle

Amidst a gathering of visionary minds and creators, Supercode proudly claims the spotlight once again. We are thrilled to have secured both a gold award and a bronze award for two outstanding projects - DNA Entertainment Networks and Ekata Coffee - at the prestigious Big Bang Awards 2024.