Vaani - Centralized Information Center

Vaani partnered with Supercode to establish an approachable portal where educational strategies and other crucial material could be easily accessed.


Vanni's aim was to uplift the Information Resource Center to create an impact and serve the community due to the lack of support for the deaf community in the country today.

While there has been a paradigm shift in our outlook towards disability, the lack of resources is still a big roadblock for the inclusion and development of the disabled. With a centralized information resource center, VAANI could help children, teachers, parents, etc., to get access to necessary resources and become self-sufficient in every sense of the term.

From information related to communication and educational resources to finding and reaching out to a good special school, VAANI Information Resource Center has shown the right path to thousands of deaf people across the country. It has empowered special educators to deliver practical and meaningful education to their hearing impaired pupils.

Avaniko website design
Avaniko website design

Minimal and Intuitive User-interface

For resources to be more approachable for the deaf students and their teachers or parents, the interface of the website had to be simple with no complex elements and easy navigation. A dedicated menu that segregated the links to resources for parents, teachers, and students helped us in getting closer to this target. Furthermore, direct links to download e-learning material were also given so that access could be obtained only with a single click.

Fast Loading Pages with Search Functionality

Presenting every little detail of the work that Avaniko does, simply and eloquently, was a game-changer because it helped in answering the audience's questions, obliterating their apprehensions, and building a relationship with them without having to put any extra effort.

Easily accessible mobile-friendly interface

Being at the right place at the right time is what matters most in business. For that to happen, ranking higher on search engines was a must, and the same was achieved successfully when we improved Avaniko's visibility significantly making them the go-to option for most people searching for a good ERP solution.