A purpose to shape Avaniko’s outlook on a global scale

Avaniko was started with the purpose of empowering SMBs to adapt to the digital change.


Their ERP solutions are designed to run a successful, and efficient business irrespective of the scale of operations.

The founder of Avaniko, Mr. Anand Kumar, passionately described his vision of bringing advanced ERP solutions within the reach of smaller business houses.

As with any other company looking to ameliorate their market presence, Avaniko required a website with a difference. For the distinct needs of their business, a one-size-fits-all approach was out of the question, and thus, after a thorough understanding of their operations, projects, and goals, we together, developed a bespoke plan to target global audiences with ease and grace.

Avaniko website design
Avaniko website design

Improvements that are future ready

More helpful and detailed content pages

Presenting every little detail of the work that Avaniko does, simply and eloquently, was a game-changer because it helped in answering the audience's questions, obliterating their apprehensions, and building a relationship with them without having to put any extra effort.

Optimized for SEO

Being at the right place at the right time is what matters most in business. For that to happen, ranking higher on search engines was a must, and the same was achieved successfully when we improved Avaniko's visibility significantly making them the go-to option for most people searching for a good ERP solution.

Mobile-friendly website for a world that went mobile

With life on the go, mobile accessibility defines how much traction a business website would eventually get. Avaniko today has a robust mobile website that endorses all the content, pages, forms, etc. without any loss of functionality.