Supercode big bang awards

Among top creators and innovators from around the nation, Supercode bagged two silver awards, one for Vaani and the other for Avaniko, for its distinctive contribution to modern website solutions. 

The prestigious Big Bang Awards for the year 2021 were held on April 8, 2022. Hosted by The Advertising Club (Bangalore), the energy around talents garnering praises across categories of creative, media, digital, and marketing keeps soaring with every passing year. Under Websites, Supercode managed to win two silvers, for ‘Corporate Website’ and ‘Internal Site’.

Internal Site for Vaani 

Technology-driven education has been quite the trend since we got ourselves locked up in the pandemic. Digital education grew stronger every day with the brainstorming of light and interesting learning strategies. Vaani was one such institution that wished to explore this creative exposure but with a bigger purpose at hand. 

Vaani – Deaf Children Foundation wanted to create a safe, inspiring, and most importantly, fun interaction of imparting wisdom. Breaking the barriers of a boxed classroom, Vaani came up with the vision of a ‘Voice to Visualization’ tool. This helps build a desirable digital environment for the hearing impaired children, boosting their confidence at each level. Supercode was able to partake in this proactive dream and together with Vaani, make it a reality. 

The personalized internal Web App for Vaani’s website stands out for its efficiency, procuring an award for the same from the titans at the Big Bang event. 

Corporate Website for Avaniko

Small-medium business houses struggle to cope with the entrepreneurial digital transition, leading to unfair market existence. A platform to thrive with an equal advantage is what most SMBs seek. Avaniko is a brand that equips highly functional ERP solutions to help businesses of all scales prosper in this domain.

Avaniko takes up the responsibility to bridge the gap between technology and SMBs. Foreseeing a future of globally flourishing as one nation, Avaniko joined hands with Supercode on this journey. The website design pans out in a way that it conveys the brand’s approach to a global market with ease.

A detailed info-rich site that was not heavy on the eyes and fingers to navigate – this was the success model for Avaniko’s corporate website. 

Read Avaniko’s case study here

Receiving awards each for Vaani and Avaniko encourages the team of Supercode to experiment with technology in the most exciting ways. With every new design, comes new learning, and a fresher impulse to keep aiming for the best. 

Here’s looking forward to many such passionate collaborations!