Amidst a gathering of visionary minds and creators, Supercode proudly claims the spotlight once again. We are thrilled to have secured both a gold award and a bronze award for two outstanding projects – DNA Entertainment Networks and Ekata Coffee – at the prestigious Big Bang Awards 2024.

Held on January 19, 2024, this esteemed event recognized excellence in the digital realm. Our victory came with DNA Networks, recognized for excellence in corporate website design and Ekata Coffee awarded for the interactive website, marking another milestone in our relentless journey towards creative excellence.

Corporate Website for DNA Entertainment Networks

With a legacy spanning over three decades, DNA Entertainment Networks specialize in creating one-of-a-kind experiences that bring people together at a global level. In 1986, Dr. T Venkat Vardhan began his journey by securing the rights to air MTV’s top 20 music videos in india. His vision to introduce global experiences and passion for music led to the birth of DNA Networks – a pioneering force in the live music and events industry in India.
DNA manages major sports properties such as the IPL, ISL, Pro Kabaddi and more and has established strategic alliances with premier sporting associations like the BCCI, ICC, and Hockey India.

The main objective of this project was to ensure that the website has an interface that is up to industry standards in terms of its design, content structure and interactive elements. By combining innovative design elements with advanced functionality, we transformed DNA Networks’ online presence for an enhanced user engagement.

Interactive elements were strategically used only in pages where appropriate, avoiding overuse which could compromise usability and create performance issues. One of the standout pages is the Sports page, where the website highlights its past projects in the Sports category. The cards are aesthetically designed to resemble tickets, while the animation is seamless. Notably, the implementation of a circular cursor throughout the site facilitated smooth navigation and engagement for users.

An Experiential Website for Ekata Coffee

In 2016, Ekata Inc.was born out of this singular vision – to give the public access to organic, unadulterated coffee while playing their part in reversing the climate crisis through ethical farming practices. The founders of the company ventured out and found the ideal environments to grow organic coffee plantations, combining various climate-friendly, carbon-negative farming methods. Ekata Coffee cultivates premium quality coffee intercrops and natural produce biodynamically while adhering to the stringent Demeter organic farming standards, keeping their commitment to sustainability at the core.

Our requirement was to develop a website that provides the international visitors a virtual coffee journey that celebrates the brand’s unwavering dedication to authenticity and nature. We designed a compelling storyline that traces the coffee’s journey — from the nurturing hands that pick them to the intricate roasting process, culminating in that perfect brew.
As users navigate through the site, they are treated to a series of immersive experiences. The choice of a mixed palette for the website – green and black – is not just a design element but an experience in itself. Subtle animations, like flies flitting or leaves rustling, add layers of depth, enhancing the immersive forest experience. The typography complements the theme, with fonts that have an organic grunge and not the polished feel.

The site’s layout is as organic as the brand’s story. The website truly captures the essence of Ekata Coffee’s ethos and delights visitors with its immersive design and user-friendly interface.

These recognitions are testaments to the hard work and passion of our team, as well as the strong partnerships we have forged with our clients. If you are interested in partnering with us to create exceptional websites, contact us as we are looking forward to many more such passionate collaborations.