apps that you can use while working from home

At this time of the lockdown and social distancing due to the pandemic COVID-19, the need to keep the economy stable calls on the entrepreneurs and industrialists to take businesses online. With the constraint of not being able to meet in person to bounce off ideas with each other and get involved in collaborative teamwork. The way businesses function and strategize has taken a hit. However, there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud. Thanks to the advancement in technology of this day and age, we still hold the opportunity to make things work for our businesses. Here is a list of a few Business tools that may seem the best fit for working from home today and in the days to come.

Trello – Work Collab Dashboard


Trello is a collaborative management tool that organizes tasks online. The visual appeal of the app is sure to get you hooked. The app features tasks in different colors to track the progress and development of the projects, with room for multiple projects on the dashboard, organizing all your projects and monitoring their progress in a single app is made easy. What is more surprising is its feature to add and assign team members to get things done. The added advantage is that this service is absolutely free for small teams, while its use for larger audiences attracts a fee.

Zoom – Video Conferencing App


Recommended by many software giants. Zoom is a video conferencing app that enables users to connect with each other at ease. The easy-to-use interface is very user friendly and secure. Unlike other video conferencing apps that cause delay or face latency issues, Zoom works seamlessly over slow internet connections as well. Many businesses and institutions have availed zoom’s free features to collaborate and connect with team members and individuals. The free version of the app has some limitations. However, it is good enough for small meetings and personal use.

Slack – Easy File share and Chat


Slack is an easy file sharing and instant messaging app that is aimed at replacing email. With its seamless interface to connect team members and have conversations about projects in a jiff, you are sure to know who is responsible for different aspects of the project and get a speedy response and update on projects. The best part is that it is a free resource for small teams or businesses and chargeable for bigger corporates.

Workplace – Facebook Video Dashboard


Workplace is an integrated work-related platform with a design layout similar to Facebook. Be it instant messaging, discussing projects over conference video calls, file sharing or sharing work updates or broadcasting events and achievements. Workplace makes it all easy at the click of a button. The essential version of the app with limited features is absolutely free while the premium version attracts a fee.

Asana – Work Collab Dashboard


You cannot miss mentioning Asana as one of the easy-to-use project planning dashboards. You can easily manage your timelines, workflow, track progress and manage your calendar at ease with Asana. Assigning tasks to team members, sharing updates and files is made easy with Asana at free of cost for its basic version. 

AnyDesk – Remote Accessing App


What’d you do when your laptop has some software glitches and you can’t take it to your tech engineer. Just install Anydesk on your laptop and let the engineer do the rest. With AnyDesk you can remotely access your computer from literally anywhere. Be it fixing or monitoring systems, it is all made easy on this free software called AnyDesk. Highly recommended for tech engineers who fix team member’s computers remotely. is a work plan dashboard that integrates most of the commonly used apps. It helps automate the mundane task of the everyday routine and helps you concentrate and invest more time and talent on the projects that need special attention. From budgeting to daily reminders for calls and exhaustive checklists for projects, takes care of all your business needs. Their services are exceptional and come with a cost. However, the costs are sure to reap the benefits of getting your work organized without any delays and hassles.

Skype – Video Conferencing App


Skype is an instant messaging and video chatting app that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Back in the day, Skype was the go-to app to connect with people all around the world, all you needed was their username and good internet connectivity. It is essentially a communication tool that users can use in order to stay connected with the help of VoIP. Skype comes in two variants, skype standard and skype for business. Skype standard offers its services at no cost for a limited user limit. You can always subscribe to the premium services to unlock other features for extensive usage.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex offers world-class video conferencing solutions. With various features like screen sharing and personalized meeting rooms, you can conduct online tutorials, webinars and host virtual events. The app offers high-quality content streaming for smooth online discussions without a lag. You can avail the basic version of the app for free and use it to connect, collaborate and communicate with peers and teams across the world at ease.


Discord is a superb way to collaborate and organize your work under one roof. With discord, you can share your content online and get on to building an online community of followers and collaborators. With its features to text chat, video calls, and share files, group projects become a swift task. With its free unlimited features to utilize, everybody can access and use discord from the comfort of their homes. 

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google has rolled out a simple easy to use video conference app that is aimed at businesses to have virtual meetings by using meeting code, links or even dial in from a phone number. Google has integrated the video conferencing app – Meet, with calendar, Gmail and the G-Suite for hassle-free functioning. You can avail the app as part of G-Suite and G Suite for Learning for free until September 30.