Website Lead generation

Turn your website into a leads generator! A website is an essential business tool nowadays & each business uses its website differently. For some their website functions as an online store while some others may be targeting it to generate leads or enquiries. But one thing is certain – A website can create more growth!

Be it corporate websites or ecommerce websites, once you realise the importance of capturing leads, you should take steps to generate more traffic in your website.

How to generate and manage leads from your website?

Once you have set up your website it’s now time to increase your leads, sales and revenue. Here are some ways to generate and manage leads from your website.  

Lead generation with contact forms

Website contact forms have a major role when you’re trying to generate leads from your website. Make your website contact form stand out! 

The contact form should be visible above the “fold” in the website. When someone clicks on your website, they should see at least the top of the contact form without scrolling down. Try to make it personal and keep it simple. Click Here and Go are much better options than submit, download, and register in your contact form. Only ask for the information you need. Choose the best contact form plugin and minimise the form fields in your form. 

Email subscription forms for attracting leads

Email marketing is considered the most effective digital marketing channel for building brands. You can create awareness, boost acquisition, and increase conversion with email marketing. But to power your email marketing, you will need many contacts. Email subscription forms can be used to build up contacts. 

Using 3rd party tools like Mailchimp

, the all-purpose integrated marketing automation platform and email marketing service helps small businesses to build emails, social ads, landing pages, postcards, and more from one place.  When you create a Mailchimp account, using your setup details Mailchimp automatically generates your audience or contacts for you. With the right tools and guidance every step of the way you can organize and separate contacts, run email campaigns and more.

Salesforce, Sendinblue for capturing leads

Sendinblue is a comprehensive email marketing solution providing simple email marketing for small businesses. Salesforce provides complete CRM solutions for all business sizes and needs. Using a plugin, you can connect your Sendinblue and Salesforce accounts and sync your contacts. You can automatically save your lead details Which leads to saving your time and improving efficiency.

SMS Marketing

Texts are effective and easy-to-use marketing tools to engage your prospects better. When a visitor fills in the contact form, you get details like name and phone number. This can be used for sending personalised text SMS later. With this SMS Marketing you can generate more leads to your website.

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