Should you pay for an SSL ? And what is LetsEncrypt free SSL?

In this rapidly transforming internet world, the transfer of data and information is at its peak. With people constantly looking for ways to transfer information effectively at great speeds now. The amount of data that is exchanged is enormous. And because of which,  the protection of information becomes a priority. With hackers lurking for loopholes to steal information for personal gain, the need for privacy and data protection is a must. Because of which certificates like the SSL/TLS have come to rescue and help achieve data protection protocols. Let’s learn a bit more about it.

What is an SSL/TLS?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer security) are encryption-based internet security protocols that help with making sure data is not compromised. SSL/TLS are certificates that confirm the authenticity of business, eCommerce, or personal sites. SSL/TLS makes sure that data is encrypted when it is being transferred across computers on the network.

Does My Website need It anyway?

A simple answer is Yes. The SSL/TLS certificates make sure that the information that is shared on the website is secure. And with increased awareness about data protection and privacy. The need for secure websites is a must. People do not stay on a website that is not secure which in-turn affects the Website’s SEO. 

How does it affect SEO? Well, search engines consider something called the website’s bounce rate for SEO Ranking. Bounce Rate is the time that someone jumps out of a website after they view it. When people see that a particular site is not secure, they get off the site immediately, which in turn increases the website’s bounce rate and puts you at a lower ranking on SEO. Hence, it is advisable to get a valid SSL/TLS certificate for your website as it boosts your SEO, protects your data and also builds trust with your users.

Is an SSL expensive?

Yes and No. The SSL/TLS certificates are issued by various Certificate Authorities (CA). ‘Let’s Encrypt’ is an open CA that issues a basic SSL/TLS certificate at zero costs. Since they are a non-profit organization and want to make the internet a safe for everyone, they have come up with this initiative. However, the certificate they issue is a basic SSL/TLS certificate. Which is still good enough for small businesses and personal sites. But for a big business, eCommerce or banking sites, we recommend getting a higher validated certificate for which there is a reasonable cost from the paid CAs.

Limitations of Let’s Encrypt Certificate.

It is certain that a paid service triumphs free service anyday. Because, unlike the support we get from a paid service of validation, ‘Let’s Encrypt’ which is the free service might be constrained. The other aspect is that the lifespan of the certificate is only for 90days as opposed to a year or 2 for paid certificates. And finally, some additional features or value-added services will definitely be missing from a free service as opposed to the paid service.

Should I Choose The Paid or Free Service?

To answer that, we’ll have to understand certificate validations. DV (Domain Validation), OV (Organisational validation) and EV (Extended Validation) are the various kinds of SSL/TLS certificates that are offered. Because ‘Let’s Encrypt’ is a non-profit organization sponsored by many notable companies like Google, Mozilla,, etc. they offer only the basic DV certificate which is suitable for personal sites or small businesses. But for Big corporations and professional businesses, it is advisable that you get a higher validation. As this will protect your data much better and you could always reach out for additional support incase of technical glitches.