If your eCommerce website visitors aren’t saying “wow” when they visit your site, your website needs improvement. Hire a good website designer in India and make design a priority. While design is a priority, let’s also dive deep into the important features that your eCommerce website needs to have:

Home page

Home page is the first impression that a website gets to make. Home pages can be used to show featured products, categories, promotions etc. Some great things to include on your homepage are callouts for free shipping, any current offers, user testimonials, customer loyalty program and payment gateway credibility logos.

Easy navigation

This is the primary and mandatory must have for an ecommerce website. Experienced eCommerce development companies in India are already aware that customers like easy navigation and without a doubt will focus on designing a simple and uncluttered layout.

Product and category pages

The product category pages should have clean design and consistent and quality images. The consistency of quality in your images will give your website and your product credibility, and help the consumer visualize the product they are purchasing so that they feel more confident while making an online purchase. The category page is the list view of products for a specific category or subcategory, often displayed in a grid layout. This page should have filters so that the users can conveniently find what they are looking for.

High quality images and Zoom In Feature

Good quality images will enhance the online shopping experience and allow customers to buy with confidence, and give your e-commerce store credibility. Once you have amazing product images, it is important that they are displayed so that the user can view even the tiny details of each image.It is considered a good user experience for the images to be able to zoom on hover.

Cross selling and Upselling

Cross-selling is a strategy to sell related products to the one a customer already owns or is buying. Such products generally belong to different product categories, but will be complementary in nature. IFor example, if the primary product your customer was buying was a curtain, and your website asked if the customer wanted a tie back as well, that would be cross-selling to them a complementary product alongside their original purchase. Whereas, upselling is encouraging the purchase of anything that would make the primary purchase more expensive with an upgrade or premium. If the primary product you bought was a Netflix subscription of Rs.199/-, and you are asked to upgrade to a higher value plan, that would be up-selling.

Product Search

On eCommerce sites, around 30% of visitors will use the site search bar to navigate. If you optimize your search bar, it can be a very powerful tool for increasing the conversion of your website. Your shoppers who search are simply more valuable than other types of shopper you have, hence ensure that your site search is performing and giving your customers the best possible search experience on your eCommerce site.

Easy Check out

If you want people to buy from you, you need to make the process of buying as simple, easy and hassle-free as possible.Make your checkout page simple and easy to understand. Provide all the information like shipping cost, tax, etc clearly so that the customer feels good after making the purchase. In short, if you want people to buy from you, make the checkout process as easy as possible.

Integrating Google Analytics

These daily reports will help you track and understand your users behavior and buying pattern which will help in improving the performance of your online store.  For instance, GA will provide the number of orders on every product and when the number of orders on a particular product starts to drop, and you can investigate further on the cause and make the required changes. So with the  reports from analytics, you can quickly fix an issue before it’s too late.

Security and SSL

If your website is selling something and collecting customer information, then it needs to be safe for your customers to use.That is why it’s important for your eCommerce site to be as secure as possible. Also ensure that your website has a secure HTTPS connection which not only keeps your customers’ information stays safe, but it will develop a level of trust between your website and the customer.

The above listed are some of  the main features that will either make or break your eCommerce website. In order to really have your online store grow and succeed, these features are essential. Do not forget that online customers have expectations, and if you do not meet them they will just go to your competitor site.

The strategies for our eCommerce services India are aimed at skyrocketing your sales and to increase your ROI. As your website’s ranking increases, your business will win your customer’s trust significantly, which inturn will impact the purchase decisions of your customers.