1. If any third party API’s like payment gateway, SMS gateway etc are required, Client shall purchase it and provide the credentials to the agency to integrate it to their Website. Client will be also responsible for renewing the API subscriptions
  2. Hosting and Domain is free for one year. Clients will have to renew it from the second year onwards to not lose the domain name. Clients will have to renew the hosting subscription after one year to avoid any downtime of the Website.
  3. The website would be developed by following the best practices of SEO, for the pages to be properly crawled by the search engines. Please note that SEO depends on various other aspects and the on-page SEO provided with this package does not guarantee the website to be ranked for any keywords.
  4. By approving the proposal, you consent to and acknowledge the terms and conditions of supercode. Acknowledgment can be verbal, by email, instalment of Initiation of project or signing a contract.
  5. By choosing an eCommerce package from our website, you receive a readymade theme based, WooCommerce/Wordpress website with the functionalities corresponding to the package. 
  6. Any modifications to the functionality including small-scale upgrades, may acquire extra costs depending on the modifications. 
  7. Any kind of customization for additional features will be chargeable and would be communicated with you upon request for Basic and Advanced packages.
  8. The customer must note that at times there might be unanticipated situations that will delay the development process, especially with reference to the integration of third-party API. We will do our best to finish the project as agreed in the proposal. The customer agrees not to penalize us for any genuine delay happening due to a third party delay, while every effort to keep the project on the proposed schedule is taken by our team. 
  9. Agency will resolve bugs or issues free of cost for 15 days(Starter package)/30 days(all packages other than starter package) from the date of the website going live. This will not include any design changes or content updation.
  10. supercode will not be creating logo, banners, product images, image optimizations, etc. under Basic/advanced package. Customers shall be given guidance on uploading the banners, product images etc. 
  11. Domain registration/renewal, hosting space registration etc. are excluded as a part of any project/proposal. Client shall take the responsibility for registering domain and hosting space.
  12. For Payment gateway API, Additional API integrations and pixel installations, client shall provide the credentials
  13. Customers/Clients are responsible for all activity and content such as photos, images, videos, graphics, written content etc, uploaded in the Website
  14. Customers/Clients agrees to sell only the products that are allowed under the law of the Country
  15. Once the website development is completed and handed over to the customer, supercode will not be responsible for any activities carried by the Customer on the website